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This is the part of a website we all skip but probably shouldn't, right?
KYLΞ 3 min read

Privacy matters. It can also be confusing. Throw some cash money into the mix and it becomes more frustrating. Maybe that's why so many "blahggers" don't even bother mentioning these things. But no one bothers reading this part anyway?

Still, for both our best interests, please read on.

About What I Make:

This website is primarily not financially driven. I publish for myself, for you, and for a community of like-minded people–in that order. For money, I run a business and I work a job, just like any other Juan.

Still, the FTC requires disclosures in cases where myself, you, and a third-party link or product crosses between us. So, for those cases, please assume the following:

About What I Publish:

This website bears my name so obviously, everything you read, see, and hear here is all by me. My words, my thoughts, and my brain farts. (Unless otherwise properly attributed.)

That also means none of what I write, show, and say are representative of those of whom I work with and work for in radio, television, and other employers or partners.

I'm also making this website a members-only space. Because I'm writing here for myself as much as I am for you, I'd like to know who you actually are.

To get to the good stuff, you have to sign-up with your real name. It's only fair, right. You already know who I am; I would like to know who you are, too.

(Knowing who my audience actually is will also make my writing better, and your time spent reading it all the more worthwhile. I am not interested in writing for people who silently consume either. I'd like to hear back from another voice that isn't the one in my head.)

About What I Track:

Ads are fucking gross so I'll never track your personal data and try to make money by publishing content just for a high number of eyeballs. You'll never see any pop-ups and banner ads ever getting between you and me here.

I do collect anonymous statistics about visits to my website. Those statistics tell me things like what websites are sending me the most traffic, which of my articles are the most popular, and which parts of my website are doing well and not so well. That's it. Nothing more; nothing less.

The key takeaway here is that I do not track you. Besides your name and email—IF you subscribe—I don't know anything else about you that you do not want me to know. I'll leave all of that creepy-crawly stuff to Facebook, Google, Amazon, and all the other unscrupulous "blahggers" taking advantage of you and your private data. (Ever notice how you've never had to click on those annoying cookie tracking pop-ups since you got here?)

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About Me

I often feel like a fake so these "About Me" type of posts are tough to do.
KYLΞ 3 min read


Writing in public to hear back from another voice that isn't the one in my head. Don't be a stranger. Subscribe?

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